Piedra Paloma characterises one of the unique houses located in Quinta del Berro, Madrid

Photograph by David Zarzoso

This is a project to renovate a three-storey house using local, traditional and natural materials

The company Piedra Paloma has been part of a large project located in Quinta del Berro, Madrid. The Jimenez&Linares studio has been the director of this work that has been characterized by being very careful and by searching in the past for a construction that looks to the future. It is a house that develops over three floors and is composed of a small garden and an English courtyard.

A characteristic feature of this house is the fact that it belongs to the Colonia complex promoted in the 1920s by Gregorio Iturbe, and for this reason, a research project has been carried out to recover the original model of the façades. Unlike the interior, which has been characterised by a more contemporary space, full of light and with double-height rooms. It also has the peculiarity of having been inhabited by the sculptor Jorge Oteiza in the 1950s during his stay in Madrid.

Regarding the materials, local and traditional materials have been valued for the use of natural textures. For this reason, Piedra Paloma has made use of its dove stone material to form part of this refurbishment, mainly in areas such as the exterior skirting boards and the ceramic framing of the floor. In the English courtyard the cladding is lowered to a height of three metres with large pieces and, in order to achieve continuity, this extends to the floor of the semi-basement floor, also providing luminosity.

Use has also been made of other materials such as lime mortar on the façade, fired and glazed ceramics from an artisan workshop in the province of Granada located in the courtyard. Travertine is used in the bathrooms and floors, and oak wood in the kitchen.

The Jimenez&Linares studio, together with its designers, was founded in 2018 and has been awarded three times in the R.H.Driehaus competition organised by the Ministry of Development, which promotes traditional and vernacular architecture.

Photograph by David Zarzoso

Photograph by David Zarzoso

Photograph by David Zarzoso

Piedra Paloma is recognized with the «Bandera de Andalucía» award in the Economy and Business category

Bandera de Andalucía.jpg

The Junta de Andalucía celebrated on February 25 the delivery of the 'Bandera de Andalucía' awards. The meeting took place at the Cajasol Foundation in Seville and, together with other winners, the company Piedra Paloma received the award in the Economy and Business category.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, Patricia del Pozo, and the Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Rogelio Velasco, together with the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville, Ricardo Sánchez.

From the company they have communicated their gratitude, «We want to express our gratitude to the Junta de Andalucía for granting us this recognition and giving visibility to sustainable mining. We are also grateful to the entire Piedra Paloma family for their perseverance and effort and to our suppliers, clients and friends, thank you again for being part of us. You all belong to this great family, so this award is also yours. Simply thanks!".

The Minister for Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge, and Universities, Rogelio Velasco, thanked the winners for "dedication and work" and of whom he affirms that "they contribute to enhancing our identity and building a more prosperous Seville and Andalusia, making them grow as well in universality”