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BK Genesis, Faces from Calatorao


Unlike Faces from Calatorao and its varieties BK Kafé, BK Devil and BK Gold, characterized by their versatility and multitude tones, BK Genesis is the contrast of this heterogeneity, giving priority to homogeneity in each of its stages.

The new extracting method in wich this limestone gives rise to an homogeneous phase characterized by horizontal stripes in red, green and gold.

In this recrystallized fossiliferous limestone, identity and differentiation go by pair, rising a sigle one product in the world thanks to its quality, aesthetic and technical characteristics.

The expression, style, elegance, ease and exclusivity come together in an unique material, emphasized by its beauty and personality, bringing architecture and decoration to the highest level of culture and internationalization.


Faces from Calatorao, BK Genesis Polished



Faces from Calatorao, BK Genesis Honed



Faces from Calatorao, BK Genesis Leather


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