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Private House in Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Material: Piedra Paloma

Environment: Exterior cladding

Description: Private house located in Vancouver, port city at the British Columbia region, in Canada. This client´s passion for homogeneity and pure white color made him bet on our Piedra Paloma material for the entire exterior cladding of his home.

Boutique Louis Vuitton

Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil

Material: Piedra Paloma

Environment: Interior flooring

Description: Louis Vuitton Boutique located in the heart of the metropolitan city os Sao Paulo. Its characteristic elegance, combined with our Piedra Paloma limestone material, makes its interior a welcoming environment that gives to the senses an exclusive environment  in which art and fashion are the protagonists.

SeaMarq Hotel

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Material: Piedra Paloma

Environment: Interior flooring and cladding and bathrooms

Description: Seamarq Hotel is located in Seoul, on the banks of the Japan sea. Its location in a seaside, led to the eventual Piedra Paloma installation throughout the interior, accordingly achieving purity and naturalness.

Seoul Forest

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Material: Piedra Paloma

Environment: Interior cladding

Description: The luck of our Piedra Paloma natural stone has been on this occasion the Seoul Forest Tower, which has all its interior lining made with our white limestone.

Villa Solitaire