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Tribeca Restaurant

Tribeca Restaurant 📍Calle San Fernando, 18, 03002 Alicante, property of Grupo Gourmet Alicante.

Its chef, María José San Román, has a Michelin star for the Monastrell Restaurant.

At this moment the restaurant is doing home delivery services. Nevertheless the results are still amazing! @tribecamusicbar
The work was done by @incompastor and designed by the architect Alfredo Payá

Private House 

Location: Antequera, Spain

Material: BK Gold

Environment: Table

Description: If something characterizes our BK Gold stone, is to be able to highlight any object made with it among all the details. This is how it has stayed on the table of this private house in Antequera. Personality and elegance come together making the stay something distinctive.

Private House in London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Material: BK Kafé

Environment: Indoor flooring

Description: This is a private house located in the capital of England. The passion of this client for the heterogeneity and the black tones with white and pink seams, made him bet for BK Kafé for the indoor flooring of his house.

Private House in Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

Material: BK Kafé

Environment: Countertop

Description: If something contributes the BK Kafé to the kitchen cooking worktop is the personality. The material resistance and the style, not just add quality and beauty to the room but, also, Piedra Paloma puts its distinctive stone stamp: a space naturally unique.

King´s Cross Google

Location: London, United Kingdom

Material: BK Kafé

Environment: Interior cladding

Description: The building King´s Cross of Google is a construction of high quality located in London. Its interior revetment is realized in BK Kafé with finished in texture exclusively for this project. Thus there has been obtained the maximum expression of a balanced and exclusive architecture.

Margas Golf Hotel

Location: Huesca, Spain

Material: BK Kafé

Environment: Interior flooring and vanity tops

Description: Hotel deluxe located in the Lookout of the Vale (Huesca). A space where the golf, the nature and the adventure join to give place to an ideal emplacement in which to enjoy the fresh air and the calmness. Its elegant architecture and the combination of our material BK Kafé do of this hotel one of the most exclusive at national level.

Boutique Loewe

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Material: BK Kafé

Environment: Interior flooring 

Description: Boutique Loewe located in the heart of the metropolitan city of Barcelona. It´s typical elegance joined our material BK Kafé, they do of its interior a cozy amblence that gives game to the senses and the only stage in which the art and the fashion are the protagonists.

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