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Privacy politic

The Legal Notice contains information on the identification of the owner of a website. Generally, some additional information is added that is not included in other sections.

It should be completed by deleting those options that do not apply. On the following page you will find information that you may need to fill in some of the options.

Piedra Paloma, in compliance with the article 10 of the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade, informs:

That it is the owner of the domain and of the web site

That its identification data are:

          SEGURA, S.L




Opt B - Case of a legal entity (company, cooperative, etc.)

       That it is registered with tax number B41350794 in the Companies Register of <<INDICATE






If the data controller carries out a regulated professional activity (health professional, pharmacist, lawyer, engineer, architect, etc.) the exercise of which is regulated by a law or legislative regulation, he/she must inform about:


- The type of professional activity

- Details of the professional association to which you belong

- Membership number.

- The official academic or professional qualification held.

- The state of the European Union or of the European Economic Area in which the qualification was issued and, if applicable, the corresponding official recognition or homologation.

- The professional rules applicable to the exercise of the profession and the means by which they may be known, including electronic means.


If the activity of the person in charge is related to foodstuffs and requires health registration, the following information must be provided:

- Health registration number and province.



 Instructions on how to complete the privacy policy.

        1- The word used for the thing being sold is "product". If the thing is a service, the word "product" must be replaced in the text by the word "service".


        2- The name of the website and the email account for exercising rights must be indicated. Both are indicated with

        3- You will find text referring to different options. Each option gives a brief indication of the

 assumption that it is intended to manifest. Options should be eliminated if they do not


        4- Texts in red must not form part of the final text.




 In this Privacy Policy you will find all the information regarding the use we make of the personal data you use to interact with us such as


 This Privacy Policy is available to you on a permanent basis and can be consulted at any time. If you have any questions while reading this information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at


 Who we are

 We are Piedra Paloma with CIF B41350794 and address in PEDRERA (SEVILLA), MINA MATAGALLAR, S/N, Spain, owner of the website and responsible for the treatment of your personal data, its use and protection.


 The use of the services of the Web Site, as well as the acquisition of any of the services of the

 products offered, implies your acceptance as a Client, without reservations of any kind, of all the statements contained in this Privacy Policy and in the General Conditions.

 Your registration on the website and the use of its services means that the personal data you have provided in the registration form as a Client will be included in files for processing with the purpose, legitimacy, transfers and retention periods detailed below, which you declare to know and accept by clicking on the action button on the form.



 Opt A-Case of services to persons under 18 years of age

 The promotional content of the website is aimed at all users, but if you are going to register as a customer or make a purchase you must be of legal age.

Opt.B-Case of products excluded to children under 18 years of age

 In order to purchase some of the products offered, you must prove that you are

 over 18 years of age. We will cancel your order if we detect that you do not comply with these conditions.



For what purposes do we use your data?

Depending on how you interact with our website, we will process your personal data for the following purposes:


 Opt.C1- Customer registration case

 Manage your registration and your customer account, manage your purchases, the payment of products, their possible returns and/or claims and the history of your purchases.

Opt.C2-Case of existence of a contact form on the website

 To deal with any queries, suggestions or requests you make to us via the website.

Opt.C3-Case applicable to any registered customer who has made a purchase. Send you commercial communications related to products or services.

 that we believe may be of interest to you.

Opt.C4- Newsletter subscription case

 To keep you periodically informed of new developments, suggestions, news, activities and events related to our core business to which you have been invited.

 decided to subscribe.

 Opc.C5-Case of existing "work with us" form or equivalent. Inform you about job offers we may generate and the selection process.

 of staff.

Opt.C6- In any other case, please consult Edutedis Consultoria.


 What personal data will we ask you for? The data we will ask you for will be:


 Opc.D1-Customer registration case

 Identification data: ID number, name, surname, address, email address, telephone number.

 Opt D2-Case obtain financial data Credit card number, bank account number.

 Opc.D3- In case of shipment of the purchase Recipient's details: Name, surname, address, email, telephone.

 Opc.D3- Contact form case (depending on the purpose of the form, new data will be required).

Applicable also to newsietter subscription (newsietter)

Contact details: Name, email, telephone

 You can find out what other information we collect through the use of cookies in the Cookie Policy.


Remember that all the data we ask you for as compulsory are the minimum necessary to be able to provide you with the service or to allow you access to certain functionality of the website.

 If you choose not to provide this information, you may not be able to complete your registration or we may not be able to provide you with certain services or functionalities.


 Why do we use your data?

 The legitimacy for the processing of your data comes from the fact that we need to process them in order to perform the contract you accept with us when you register and enjoy our services or functionalities.

 There are other reasons such as our interest in responding to your queries or requests and the consent you give us to send you our commercial information.


 How long do we keep your data?

 Your personal data will be kept for as long as your user account remains active. Remember that you can cancel it at any time by sending an email to Once the account has been cancelled, your personal data will be kept blocked for the period required by tax legislation for the prescription of responsibilities in the event that you have made any purchase of products.

 In any other case, your personal data will be kept for a period of 3 months from your decision to cancel, in case any kind of legal action may arise.

 responsibilities. Once the deadlines have expired, the data will be deleted from our records.


 With whom do we share your data?

 For the fulfilment of the purposes expressed, your personal data will be communicated to auxiliary service providers who provide us with the management or

 our legal obligations, such as transport companies, tax and legal advice, web hosting and others.

We will also transfer your personal data to public bodies or administrations to which we are legally obliged to do so.

You can request a list of these companies and organisations by emailing us at


 What rights do you have over your personal data?

 Regardless of the legal justification with which we have carried out the processing of your personal data, you have a series of rights that you can exercise before Piedra Paloma by sending an email to


 - Right of access to your data that we hold about you.

Opt.E1.- Case of customer account manageable by the customer.

 Remember that if you are a registered user you can consult these data on the platform, in the section corresponding to your profile.


 - The right to rectification of personal data, in case they are not correct.


Opt.E2.- Case of customer account manageable by the customer.

 Remember that you can make the correction yourself in the section corresponding to your profile on the platform. As your personal data have been entered directly by you on the platform, you are responsible for the accuracy and veracity of this data.


 - The right to have us delete your data to the extent that they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to process them or that we no longer have the legitimacy to do so. You can request this by sending an email to and enclosing a copy of your ID. When you exercise this right of deletion, we will block your data.

 personal data for any type of treatment during the storage period indicated above. Once this period has elapsed, we will proceed to its definitive elimination.


 - The right to have us restrict the processing of your data, which means that in certain cases you may request that we temporarily suspend the processing of your data or keep it longer than necessary when you may need it.


 -Right to request portability of your personal data. This means that you have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, so that it can be transmitted to another entity directly, where technically possible. You can also lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority, in particular the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


 Changes to the Privacy Policy

 We may adapt or modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when we deem it appropriate or when we incorporate new functionalities in the platform that so require.

 If we do so, we will notify you by means of an information banner on the website.

 We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy.






 Cookies are small files that a website installs on the user's computer containing information. Depending on the information contained in the cookie there is a wide classification, but for the purposes of our concern we will classify them into 2 groups:


 Group 1. Technical cookies.

These cookies are necessary to establish the session and to ensure and control web browsing, and sometimes to keep a reminder of some action for a short period of time. These websites expire with the session or have a permanence of one or two months.

 The characteristic feature of these cookies is that the data installed on the user's computer is deleted when the user leaves the website, so there is no processing of personal data.

 If your website contains "exclusively" cookies from this group, you should follow the instructions on the following pages about the Group 1 Cookie Policy.


 Group 2. All other cookies

 These cookies are installed in order to collect information from users, or to carry out behavioural tracking or record the IP access, or the images clicked or the time spent on each page, or any other information that provides greater knowledge of user behaviour during their session. Some of these cookies may also be shared by their owner (Google, Facebook, etc.) with third party companies that will use this information. Logically, the

 The periods of permanence in these cases are years.

If your website contains any of the cookies in this group, you should follow the instructions on the following pages about the Group 2 Cookie Policy.


 Ask your web programmer for information about the cookies that the website is actually using. You must fill in the list of ALL the cookies used on the website, following the proposed model.   


COOKIES POLICY Cookles Group 1

 It must have a banner with the information and functionality indicated.

 Functionality: The banner should not block web browsing, but it should not disappear until the user has clicked the ACCEPT button. A cookie can be installed when this button is clicked that remembers the user's response for a period of one or two months so that the banner does not appear again in future connections.



 This website only uses its own cookies for technical purposes and does not collect or transfer users' personal data without their knowledge.

 >>>Optional if it contains links to third party websites: However, it contains links to third party websites with privacy policies unrelated to that of Piedra Paloma that you can decide whether or not to accept when you access them.




No personal data of users is collected through this website without their knowledge, nor is it passed on to third parties.


In order to offer you the best service and in order to facilitate the use, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, as well as the activity of visitors and their frequency of use are analysed. To these effects, SEGURA, S.L uses the statistical information elaborated by the Internet Service Provider.


Piedra Paloma does not use cookies to collect user information, nor does it register the IP addresses of access. Only own, session cookies are used for technical purposes (those that allow the user to browse the website and use the different options and services that exist in it).


>>>Opclonal in case of links to third party websites:

 The portal owned by Piedra Paloma contains links to third party websites, whose privacy policies are alien to Piedra Paloma. By accessing such websites you can decide whether to accept their privacy policies and cookies. <<<End of text opclonal


In general, if you browse the Internet, you can accept or reject third-party cookies from the configuration options of your browser.


COOKIE POLICY Cookies Group 2

It must have a banner with the information and functionality indicated.

Functionality: Once the home page of the website is loaded, the banner is launched. The banner MUST BLOCK web browsing until the user clearly states their consent or refusal by clicking the ACCEPT or REFUSE button.



We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services and show you advertising related to your preferences by analysing your browsing habits.

If you click the OK button, we will consider that you accept its use. If you are under 14 years of age, your parent or guardian is the one who must click the ACCEPT button.



REJECT button-Exit the website.

OK button-Hide banner and allow navigation.

Here-Show the information associated with cookies. When you exit return to the banner

The information to be included in the cookies policy includes a list of the cookies used, their name, supplier, duration on the user's computer, the data collected and whether they are shared with

third parties.

We have included a list of cookies as an example, but your website can only report those that you actually use. This information should be provided to you by your web developer.



Definition and function of cookies

What are cookies? A cookie is a file that is downloaded and executed on your computer, telephone or mobile device when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognise the user. Cookies do not damage your computer and are necessary to facilitate browsing.


What are cookies used for on our website?

Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. 

 The purpose of our cookies is to improve the user's browsing experience. They can be used to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during browsing and on future visits. The information collected in the cookies also allows us to improve the website and adapt it to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc. Occasionally, after obtaining your informed consent, we may use Cookies to obtain information that allows us to show you from our website, those of third parties, or any other means or advertising based on the analysis of your browsing habits.


 What types of cookies does our website use?

 Analysis cookies: These cookies, either processed by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do this, your browsing on our website is analysed in order to improve the range of products or services that we offer. Advertising Cookies: These are those that, either processed by us or by third parties, allow us to manage as effectively as possible the offer of advertising spaces on the website, adapting the content of the ad to the content of the requested service or to the use you make of our website. To do this, we can analyse your Internet browsing habits and we can show you advertising related to your browsing profile.


What we will NOT use cookies for

Our cookies do not store information about your personal identification, address, password, credit or debit card details, etc.


 Who uses the information contained in cookies

The information stored in the Cookies of our website is used

 exclusively by us, with the exception of those identified below as "Third-party Cookies", which are used and managed by external entities to provide us with services requested by us to improve our services and the user experience when browsing our website. The main services for which these "third party cookies" are used are to obtain access statistics and to guarantee the payment operations carried out.


 Can I prevent the use of cookies on this website?

YES. Firstly, you should disable the use of Cookies in your browser and, secondly, delete the Cookies stored in your browser associated with this website.

 You can restrict, block or delete Cookies from this website at any time by modifying the settings of your browser. This setting is different for each browser. For more details on the configuration of Cookies in your browser, please consult the "Help" menu of your browser.






 If the website contains a contact form so that the user can communicate with the owner of the website to make an enquiry, suggestion, request or complaint, a procedure must be established to inform the user of the processing and to obtain his or her consent, if applicable.


 The functionality of the form depends on the use to which the personal data requested will be put. If only the data necessary to contact the user is requested, and once the request has been answered or attended to, the data is deleted, it will only be necessary to inform the user.


 If, on the other hand, more personal data is requested than is necessary, or is kept for longer periods of time, or is used for a purpose other than that for which it is supposed to be obtained, such as taking advantage of the consultation to send you commercial communications, consent must be obtained.



 For the first case, it will be sufficient to display a text before the action button of the form, with the following proposed text: "You can consult our privacy policy HERE".

HERE is a link to the text of the privacy policy. The privacy policy is not a standard wording, each website requires its own that must be made according to the purpose and uses to which the company is going to destine the data obtained.

Other texts such as "I have read and accepted. ..." next to checkboxes are against the rules and should be removed.


For the second case, it is proposed to create a frame that articulates the consent and whose content is the one shown in the rectangle.


 The functionality is as follows:

 - Pressing the form action button, usually [SUBMIT] displays the frame and locks the navigation. This lock will only be released when the user presses either of the [REJECT] or [ACCEPT] buttons.

- If the user presses [REJECT] the frame is closed, and the navigation is unblocked. Of course the form is not submitted.

 - If the user presses [OK], the form is submitted, the frame is closed and unlocked.


 - If the user clicks on Privacy Policy, he/she should be directed to the Privacy Policy set out on the website. The exit from the privacy policy should return to the consent frame.

 - The text of the frame may vary from that proposed, and will depend on the uses and purposes for which the company intends to use the personal data obtained.



 Please note that by clicking the ACCEPT button, you are giving your consent to the processing of personal data provided by you to Piedra Paloma, as controller, for the purpose of fulfilling your request expressed in the form. These contact details will be deleted at the conclusion of the management requested by you.

 They will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties unless required by law. For more information about what we do with your personal data, we advise you to consult our Privacy Policy.

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